Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®)

Education for those responsible for making sure a facility runs smoothly by creating a safe and productive workplace for a company and by taking care of tenant issues such as comfort, safety, daily operations, and maintenance.

Learn how to manage facilities in a way that best supports staff and fits into your organization’s overall objectives. From planning and project management to environmental health and worker safety, this program also provides the information needed to minimize maintenance costs and properly manage other timely issues.

Required Courses:


Systems Maintenance Technician - (SMT®)

Ideal for those who maintain major building systems such as heating, refrigeration, electrical, and plumbing. In this program, you will learn about the technologies and trends in the maintenance field so you are able to maximize the efficiency and safety of your building systems. The trained SMT will possess a broad spectrum of the overall mechanical requirements of the commercial real estate industry. 

Required Courses:


Systems Maintenance Administrator (SMA®

Education for those who are in charge of a team of technicians who run the day-to-day operation of a building. In this program, you will learn how to streamline the operations of your building so you can manage energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and cost-effective building systems.

The properly trained SMA will lead the building team and be responsible for operations of the building, as well as management of the team of technicians assigned to the building. You will have the tools to improve operations, create energy efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance the value of an asset. 

Experience Requirement:

Before you can be awarded your SMA Designation, you are required to demonstrate three years of verifiable experience as a stationary engineer or equivalent. This experience must be performed for a minimum property portfolio of 40,000 square feet. Students enrolled in the SMA Designation program are required to complete at least 25 of the 35 criteria outlined in the SMA Designation Experience Form

Required Courses: